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Unforgiven 1999 was the second Unforgiven professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The event took place on September 26, 1999 at the Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The main event was a Six-Pack Challenge–a non-elimination match consisting of six wrestlers for the vacant WWF Championship. Stone Cold Steve Austin served as the Special Outside Enforcer for the match. The match included Triple H, The Rock, Mankind, Kane, Big Show and British Bulldog. Triple H pinned Rock after a Pedigree to win the WWF Championship.

The undercard featured X-Pac versus Chris Jericho, a Kennel from Hell match between champion Al Snow and challenger Big Boss Man for the WWF Hardcore Championship, New Age Outlaws (Mr. Ass and Road Dogg) versus Edge and Christian for the WWF Tag Team Championship, Ivory versus Luna Vachon in a Hardcore match for the WWF Women's Championship, The Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) versus Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von), Jeff Jarrett versus Chyna for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, Mark Henry versus D'Lo Brown for the WWF European Championship and Val Venis versus Steve Blackman.

The matches of the event featured special guest referees due to the WWF officials being out on "strike" due to continuous assaults on them by wrestlers. However, only one WWF official Jim Korderas served as the referee of the event. He refereed Dudley Boyz vs. The Acolytes, the WWF Tag Team Championship match and the WWF Championship match.

The previous Unforgiven event was held in April while the 1999 edition was moved to September as Backlash took Unforgiven's place. Unforgiven replaced Breakdown: In Your House that was held in September 1998. Unforgiven continued to being used as a pay-per-view for the month of September until its final edition in 2008 as it was replaced by Breaking Point in 2009.


Unforgiven featured professional wrestling matches that involved different wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that were played out on Raw is War and SmackDownWorld Wrestling Federation's (WWF) television programs. Wrestlers portrayed a villain or a hero as they followed a series of events that built tension, and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

The main rivalry heading into the event was between Triple H, The Rock, Mankind, Kane, Big Show and The Undertaker over the vacant WWF Championship. At SummerSlam, Mankind defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H in a Triple Threat match for Austin's WWF title, only to lose it to Triple H, the following night on Raw is War. On September 13 edition of Raw is War, the WWF CEO Linda McMahon announced that Rock, Kane, Mankind, Big Show and Undertaker would compete in a 5-Way match to determine the #1 contender for the title at Unforgiven. However, the match resulted in a no contest after Mideon and Viscera attacked Mankind. As a result, all the five wrestlers attacked several WWF referees and many of the WWF wrestlers interfered in the brawl. As a result of the attack, the referees went on an on-screen strike and all the five competitors were named contenders for the title, making it a Six Pack Challenge for the title at Unforgiven, meaning that two wrestlers would begin the match and a wrestler could become legal if he was tagged in. On September 16 edition of SmackDown, the WWF Chairman Vince McMahon defeated Triple H for the WWF title, with the help of his son Shane who served as the special guest referee for the match. However, Vince vacated the title on September 20 edition of Raw is War and named Triple H as the sixth competitor in the Six Pack Challenge at Unforgiven. On September 23 edition of SmackDown, Undertaker was fired by Vince for refusing to wrestle Triple H in a Casket match and his spot in the Six-Pack Challenge at Unforgiven was vacated (in reality, Undertaker had suffered a groin injury and needed time to recover). British Bulldog was named the official replacement for Undertaker in the WWF Championship match at Unforgiven.

Another predominant rivalry heading into the event was between Al Snow and The Big Boss Man over the WWF Hardcore Championship. At SummerSlam, Snow defeated Boss Man to win the Hardcore Championship. The following night on Raw is War, Snow was attacked by Boss Man during a title defense against Road Dogg, who had left the match to brawl with Chris Jericho. Boss Man stole Snow's dog Pepper and escaped with it. On August 26 edition of SmackDown, Boss Man defeated Snow to win the title and escaped with Pepper. On September 2 edition of SmackDown, Snow ate some food until Boss Man told him that it was Pepper. On September 9 edition of SmackDown, British Bulldog defeated Boss Man for the title and awarded it to Snow. On September 13 edition of Raw is War, Snow challenged Boss Man to a Kennel from Hell match for the Hardcore Championship at Unforgiven, which Boss Man accepted.

At SummerSlam, Mark Henry turned on his partner D'Lo Brown by costing him the WWF Intercontinental Championship and the WWF European Championship against Jeff Jarrett. The next night on Raw is War, Jarrett awarded the European Championship to Henry. Henry and Brown wrestled each other in several tag team matches and attacked each other on many occasions, leading to a European Championship match at Unforgiven.

Following his WWF Intercontinental Championship victory at SummerSlam, Jeff Jarrett offered an open contract to any WWF wrestler for an Intercontinental Championship match at Unforgiven. Chyna signed the contract but Mr. Ass offered Chyna to hand him over the contract for the title shot but Chyna refused. On August 30 edition of Raw is War, Chyna was announced as the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship at Unforgiven. On September 2 edition of SmackDown, Chyna defeated Mr. Ass to retain her status as the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

On September 2 edition of SmackDown, a Tag Team Turmoil match was held to determine the #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Team Championship. The Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) and Edge and Christian were the remaining two teams in the match and were attacked by the debuting Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von), who recently wrestled in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). As a result, the match resulted in a no contest. On September 6 edition of Raw is War, Edge and Christian defeated Acolytes to become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship, after another interference by Dudley Boyz. As a result, a match was made between Dudley Boyz and Acolytes at Unforgiven. The Tag Team Championship changed hands many times after Edge and Christian were made the contenders. On September 23 edition of SmackDown, the final title change before Unforgiven occurred when New Age Outlaws (Mr. Ass and Road Dogg) defeated Rock 'n' Sock Connection (The Rock and Mankind) for the Tag Team Championship.

On August 26 edition of SmackDown, Luna Vachon involved herself in the WWF Women's Champion Ivory's Evening Gown match against Tori. On September 6 edition of Raw is War, Luna got involved in a brawl between Ivory and Tori. A week later on Raw is War, Luna was attacked by Ivory during her match with Jeff Jarrett. This led to a match between Ivory and Luna for the Women's Championship at Unforgiven. On September 23 edition of SmackDown, Luna offered to make their Women's Championship, a Hardcore match which Ivory accepted.

At SummerSlam, Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman in a Lion's Den match. On September 2 edition of SmackDown, Blackman tried to attack Shamrock after Shamrock's match with Val Venis but Shamrock attacked Blackman. When Blackman recovered, he put out his anger on Venis by attacking him. On September 6 edition of Raw is War, Blackman attacked Venis again after Venis' match against Big Show. Venis took his revenge by costing Blackman, a WWF European Championship match against Mark Henry and a standard match against Shawn Stasiak, leading to a match between Venis and Blackman at Unforgiven.

At SummerSlam, Road Dogg announced that he would challenge the winner of the WWF Hardcore Championship match between Al Snow and Big Boss Man on the following night on Raw is War. However, Road Dogg was interrupted by Chris Jericho and as a result, Jericho and Road Dogg began feuding with each other. During Road Dogg's scheduled Hardcore Championship match against Al Snow on Raw is War, Jericho began brawling with Road Dogg. As a result, the match resulted in a no contest. On August 26 edition of SmackDown, Jericho powerbombed Road Dogg through a table during a match between the two. Jericho continued to assault Road Dogg after the match by applying Walls of Jericho. On September 2 edition of SmackDown, Road Dogg's D-Generation X (DX) teammate X-Pac wrestled Jericho as he attempted to avenge Jericho's assault on Road Dogg but the match resulted in a no contest after interference by Unholy Alliance (The Undertaker and Big Show). Jericho was also feuding with Ken Shamrock at the time due to attacking him with a chair prior to Shamrock's scheduled match with Val Venis. It would lead to a match between the two at Unforgiven. However, on September 23 edition of SmackDown, Shamrock was badly injured after losing a First Blood match to Jericho and left WWF. As a result, X-Pac replaced Shamrock as Jericho's opponent at Unforgiven.


Preliminary matches

As the event concluded, the first match took place between Val Venis and Steve Blackman. The Brooklyn Brawler refereed the match. Venis stole Blackman's bag of weapons and brought it to the ring. Blackman looked to regain his weapons, so he started attacking Venis in the corner. Blackman dominated most of the match and attacked Venis outside the ring. Blackman rammed Venis' back with the ringpost and returned to the ring. Blackman whipped Venis on numerous occasions. Venis recovered and clotheslined Blackman. After a series of Knee Lifts, Venis hit Blackman a Russian Legsweep. Blackman punched Venis and tried to whip Venis but was whipped instead. Blackman hit a Running Crossbody on Venis for a near-fall. Venis ran through the ropes but received a Spinebuster by Blackman. Blackman tried to whip Venis into the corner but Venis reversed it and hit a Corner Clothesline. Venis hit Blackman a Diving Splash, which he called Money Shot for the victory. After the match, Venis tried to hit Blackman with Blackman's own kendo stick but Blackman reversed and knocked out Venis by hitting the kendo stick on Venis.

The second match was between Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown for the WWF European Championship. Henry refused to defend the title as he was slapped by Lilian Garcia in a pre-match interview segment. However, Brown attacked Henry in the aisle. Henry attacked Brown with the ringpost and then both men entered the ring to start the match. Brown ducked a clothesline and hit a series of punches. Henry tried to whip Brown but Brown reversed and whipped Henry instead and caught a running Henry by hitting him a Spinebuster Pin, which he called Sky High. Brown followed by hitting a Diving Axe Handle Elbow Drop for a near-fall. Henry began attacking Brown until Brown hit a Crossbody to get a near-fall. Brown tried to whip Henry but Henry held on and hit a Military Press Slam. Henry followed with a Scoop Powerslam, a Clothesline and a Chinlock. The action spilled to the outside until they returned to the ring and Henry clotheslined Brown. Brown hit a Crossbody but Henry kicked out. Brown tried to hit another Crossbody but Henry caught him and dropped him with a High-Angle Falling Slam. Brown connected with a Spinning Wheel Kick followed by a Legdrop. Brown clotheslined Henry into the corner. Henry tried to hit Brown Mounted Punches but Brown hit a Sitout Powerbomb followed by a Frog Splash, which he called Lo Down to win the European Championship.

The third match featured Jeff Jarrett defending the WWF Intercontinental Championship against Chyna. Harvey Wippleman refereed the match. As Chyna entered the ring, Jarrett began attacking her. Chyna countered by clotheslining Jarrett. Jarrett climbed the top rope but Chyna low blowed Jarrett, sending him outside to the ring. Jarrett applied a Sleeper Hold on Chyna and tried to hit a Hurricanrana but was powerbombed by Chyna. Chyna tried to hit a Hurricanrana of her own but Jarrett powerbombed her. The action spilled to the outside of the ring where Chyna hit Jarrett with a chair. However, Wippleman did not disqualify her and the match continued. Chyna hit Jarrett with the chair again before attempting a Double Underhook Facebuster which she called Pedigree. However, Jarrett reversed the move and Chyna accidentally knocked out Wippleman. Jarrett took advantage and tried to hit Chyna with his guitar, a move which he calls The Stroke. However, Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young, who were standing at ringside prevented Jarrett from hitting The Stroke. As a result, Jarrett attacked both of them. Debra made a run-in and attacked Jarrett's valet Miss Kitty and hit Jarrett with his own guitar. Chyna took advantage and pinned Jarrett to win the Intercontinental Championship. However, the head referee Tom Prichard counseled with the match's official Harvey Wippleman to change his ruling. Wippleman was forced to reverse the decision and he disqualified Chyna. As a result, Jarrett won the match and retained the title by disqualification. Chyna put out her anger on Prichard by hitting him a Pedigree.

The fourth match was between The Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) and Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von). The only non-striking WWF official Jim Korderas refereed the match. As they entered the ring, Acolytes quickly began attacking Dudley Boyz. Bradshaw and Bubba Ray started the match as the legal participants. Faarooq was thrown out of the ring and D-Von interfered in the match, and along with Bubba Ray hit Bradshaw a Death Drop, which they call 3D. Dudley Boyz continued to double team Bradshaw until Faarooq was tagged in the legal man. Faarooq was also hit with a 3D. However, Bradshaw recovered and hit Bubba Ray a Running Lariat, which he called Clothesline from Hell. Stevie Richards interfered in the match as an Acolyte and hit D-Von, a Superkick, which he called Stevie Kick, allowing Faarooq to pin D-Von for the victory.

The next match was a Hardcore match for the WWF Women's Championship, as Ivory defended the title against Luna Vachon. Harvey Wippleman refereed the match. The match started in the backstage area. Ivory and Luna continued to brawl with each other and hit each other with several weapons present in the area. Tori interfered in the match and tried to hit Ivory but Ivory attacked her and hit Luna with a wooden pole to pin her and retain the Women's Championship.

Main event matches

The sixth match was between New Age Outlaws (Mr. Ass and Road Dogg) and the team of Edge and Christian for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Jim Korderas refereed the match. Edge and Christian double-teamed Mr. Ass and Road Dogg throughout the match until Outlaws began attacking Edge and Christian. Christian hit Mr. Ass an Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster, which he called Unprettier. Road Dogg attempted to hit Christian a Pumphandle Slam but Christian slipped out of the move and Edge speared Road Dogg. New Brood (Matt and Jeff Hardy) interfered in the match and started attacking Edge and Christian behind the referee's back. Mr. Ass took advantage and hit Edge a Legdrop Bulldog, which he called Fameasser to win the match and as a result, New Age Outlaws retained the Tag Team Championship.

Next was a Kennel from Hell match for the WWF Hardcore Championship between Al Snow and The Big Boss Man. The match consisted of a steel cage surrounded by a cell and dogs were around the ring within the cell. The first competitor to escape the steel cage and the cell would be declared the winner. Snow tried to keep Boss Man outside of the ring but after several attempts, Boss Man finally entered the ring and attacked Snow. Boss Man handcuffed Snow to the top turnbuckle and tried to climb out of the cell. However, Snow unlocked himself and knocked out Boss Man with Head and escaped both cages to retain the Hardcore Championship.

The final match on the undercard was Chris Jericho versus X-Pac. Tom Prichard refereed the match. X-Pac dominated earlier part of the match until Jericho's bodyguard Mr. Hughes interfered in the match and leveled X-Pac. Jericho began attacking X-Pac. Jericho attempted to hit X-Pac a Diving Splash but X-Pac hit a Spinning Wheel Kick. X-Pac attacked Jericho in the corner and tried to hit a Bronco Buster but Jericho avoided the move and hit a Double Underhook Backbreaker. X-Pac tried to hit a Hurricanrana but Jericho countered it into a Double Powerbomb. Jericho climbed the top rope but X-Pac hit a top-rope Bronco Buster. Mr. Hughes attacked the referee Tom Prichard to get Jericho disqualified. Jericho and Hughes tried to attack X-Pac until Road Dogg came out to rescue X-Pac from the two.

The main event was a Six-Pack Challenge for the vacated WWF Championship. The match was contested between Triple H, The Rock, Mankind, Kane, Big Show and British Bulldog. Jim Korderas refereed the match. Stone Cold Steve Austin served as the Special Outside Enforcer. Rock and Bulldog started the match as the legal men. The match went back and forth with all six competitors being tagged into the match throughout the match. In the midst of the match, all the striking referees interfered in the match and insulted Jim Korderas. All the wrestlers hit their finishing moves on each other until Big Show removed Triple H, Rock, Bulldog and Kane out of the ring and chokeslammed Mankind. Big Show had nearly won the match as Korderas counted to 2, until the striking referees pulled out Korderas and attacked him outside the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin joined the ring and took over Korderas' position to officiate the match. Rock hit Triple H with a Lifting Side Slam, which he called Rock Bottom and an Elbow Drop, which he called People's Elbow to pin Triple H. However, as Austin counted to 2, Big Show pulled him outside the ring. Bulldog hit Rock with a chair, allowing Triple H to hit Rock a Pedigree. Austin attacked Bulldog with the chair and counted 3 for Triple H to make him the new WWF Champion. After the match, Triple H taunted Austin with the WWF Championship belt, causing Austin to hit Triple H a Sitout Three-Quarter Facelock Jawbreaker, which he calls Stone Cold Stunner.


After Triple H won the Six-Pack Challenge for the vacant WWF Championship at Unforgiven, The Rock wrestled Triple H in a match for the title on September 27 edition of Raw is War. However, the match ended in a no contest after interference by British Bulldog. This earned Bulldog a title match with Triple H on September 30 edition of SmackDown, but the special guest referee Rock left the match. Bulldog began his villainous turn by costing Rock, a title match against Triple H in a Steel Cage match at Rebellion. This led to a match between Rock and Bulldog at No Mercy, which Rock won. On the other hand, Stone Cold Steve Austin was made the #1 contender for the WWF Championship. At No Mercy, Triple H defeated Austin in an Anything Goes match to retain the WWF Championship.

After getting disqualified in her WWF Intercontinental Championship match against Jeff Jarrett at Unforgiven, Chyna continued to pursue the Intercontinental Championship. On September 27 edition of Raw is War, Chyna pinned Jarrett in a Battle of the Sexes pitting Chyna and Debra against Jarrett and Tom Prichard. The pre-match stipulation was that Chyna would earn another Intercontinental Championship opportunity if she pinned Jarrett, and as a result, earned the opportunity. On September 30 edition of SmackDown, their match was made a Good Housekeeping match. At No Mercy, Chyna defeated Jarrett in a Good Housekeeping match to become the first and only female Intercontinental Champion in WWF. This match would turn out to be Jarrett's last match in WWF as he left the promotion and joined rival promotion World Championship Wrestling.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

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