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Under the Mat: Inside Wrestling's Greatest Family is a book written by Diana Hart, ex-wife of professional wrestler Davey Boy Smith, and the mother of wrestler Harry Smith.

Plot summary

The book focuses mainly on the realities of professional wrestling. Under the Mat recounts Diana's life growing up in the Hart home, being sister to Owen and Bret, witnessing their rise to fame and the terrible tragedy which claimed Owen's life. She remembers her father training some of the WWF's and WCW's biggest names in her family's basement gym, the famous Dungeon, and recounts their tales to stardom.


Under the Mat is used by Diana to express the "dirty secrets" of the Hart family and friends. Diana elaborates on negative details related to several people including Dynamite Kid, Bret, and Martha Hart.

Bret is a vocal critic of the book and has said that it is a very disturbing read and called it pornographic. He goes on to say that there are enough true Hart stories that Diana didn't need to resort to fiction.

Legal action was pursued by Martha Hart, Owen Hart's widow. Martha claims that Diana made inaccurate and irresponsible statements about her and her family.

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