Uchu Chu
Uchu Chu
Type Intergalactic pest
Height 169 meters
Weight 3100 Insecticide cans
Attacks Hyperspace stinger, cosmic hara, creepy crawler flip, pestilence push punch prod combo
Allies Mota Naru, Mung Wun, Sky Deviler
Enemies Dr. Cube, Silver Potato, Los Plantanos, Dusto Bunny
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Has no one been scared since Space Invader Game more? Uchu Chu is landed. Most famous of pests from infectious Xertoid, the Space Bug brings hatred for all happiness! Suffer from undersized thorax teasing and illegitimacy from Kimodo Dragon and Cosmic Dragonfly, watch out for psychological jelly junkie baggage of death! Is secret father to American Beetle?

Sippin' on Jelly and Juice

Every human woman secretly wants Uchu Chu: he's charismatic but self-effacing; ruggedly handsome but seemingly naive about his looks; witty, but not openly crass. Yet the Space Bug can tell a dirty joke with the best of 'em, beat any slick card-shark at a pick-up poker game, and remain standing after bottles and bottles of Royal Jelly -- which is why every human man secretly wants to be Uchu Chu.

A truly tragic hero, Uchu Chu is his own worst enemy. He came to planet Earth after a devastating Royal Jelly drought on his native planet Xertoid, forcing the young Jelly enthusiast to relocate in search of more jelly. At the time, he was still a young bug, so he sped off in his spaceship, rolled down the cosmos, and sipped on the remainder of his Jelly and juice. While passing through the Milky Way, Uchu Chu attempted to land on a shimmying planetoid in order to relieve his third and fifth bladders. (Was the planetoid really shimmying, or was it the Jelly and Juice?) Somehow, his space ship became caught in the Earth's gravitational pull. He managed to survive the crash-landing, but his antennae were badly burned. And if that wasn't enough, Uchu Chu lost the spaceship's keys during the accident. Ever since, the Space Bug has been stranded on Earth.

After a failed attempt to phone home via a vintage Speak & Spell, Uchu Chu joined Kaiju Big Battel. (Does a giant alien bug have any other choice on Earth?) Kaiju Substance Experts suspect that he has since lost interest in leaving Earth because Royal Jelly -- which he purchases on sale at Hi-Lo Grocery -- is here in abundance. His Kaiju earnings have also afforded him simple pleasures like Boone's Farm Wine and Mama Celeste Individual Pizzas.

Uchu Chu the Space Bug is a master of disguise. He's comfortable with opulence and poverty, but representative of neither. He has remarkable taste and style, but isn't a snob. He looks good in leather, but chooses not to wear it. He frequents gentle-aliens clubs, but acts gently when he's there. He's smart and shrewd and suave. He cheats and steals and lies -- but you'd never know it because he never gets caught. Uchu Chu has the talent to get anything he wants -- if only he could put down the Royal Jelly.

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