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The UWF Television Championship started out as the Mid-South Television Championship in 1984 and was then represented by a medal. It was renamed when Mid-South Wrestling changed its name to the UWF in 1986 and the title medal was replaced by a belt. The TV title was the mid-level wrestlers' title during its existence.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Mid-South Television Championship
Krusher Khruschev 1 May 2, 1984 Shreveport, LA Defeats Terry Taylor in tournament final; Magnum T.A. defeats Khruschev in May 1984, but the groggy ref gives the belt to Khruschev
Terry Taylor 1 June 16, 1984 New Orleans, LA
Adrian Street 1 September 26, 1984 Shreveport, LA
Bill Dundee 1 November 7, 1984 Shreveport, LA
"Nature Boy" Buddy Landel 1 December 15, 1984 Shreveport, LA
Terry Taylor 2 January 2, 1985 Shreveport, LA
Vacated March 13, 1985 Taylor wins North American Title
Snowman 1 May 8, 1985 Shreveport, LA
Dutch Mantel 1 July 10, 1985 Shreveport, LA
Butch Reed 1 July 22, 1985 Shreveport, LA
Vacated October 14, 1985 Reed wins North American Title
Jake Roberts 1 January 1, 1986 Tulsa, OK Defeats Dick Slater in tournament final
Dick Slater 1 February 28, 1986 Houston, TX
Renamed UWF Television Championship
Buzz Sawyer 1 March 16, 1986 Oklahoma City, OK Given title by Slater
Terry Taylor 3 May 25, 1986 Tulsa, OK
Buddy Roberts 1 September 28, 1986 Oklahoma City, OK
Savannah Jack 1 November 9, 1986 Tulsa, OK
Eddie Gilbert 1 March 8, 1987 Tulsa, OK
Shane Douglas 1 August 3, 1987 Morgan City, LA
Terry Taylor 4 September 2, 1987 Lafayette, LA
Nikita Koloff 1 November 26, 1987 Chicago, IL
Title Retired November 26, 1987 Koloff unified title with NWA World TV Title

Past designs

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