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TNA Turkey Bowl

The TNA Turkey Bowl was a tournament held in 2007 and 2008 that aired on the Thanksgiving night episode of TNA Impact! The tournament consisted of three preliminary three way matches. Each match featured a member of the Heavyweight Division, The X Division, and The Tag Team Division with the winner of the match going on to the finals. The winner of the finals, also a three way match, won $25,000. The wrestler who lost in the finals was forced to put on a turkey suit. In the 2007 tourny, Samoa Joe won the tournament, with A.J. Styles being forced into the turkey suit. In the 2008 tournament, Rhino won the tournament, with Alex Shelley being forced into the turkey suit.

2007 Turkey Bowl

Semifinals Finals
   5  7  53  2  7      4  1  9  3  6
  Chris Sabin          
  Brother Devon        
  Samoa Joe         Chris Sabin        
  Kip James         Samoa Joe        
  Johnny Devine         A.J. Styles        
  A.J. Styles        
  Christian Cage        
  Jay Lethal           Consolation match

2008 Turkey Bowl

Semifinals Finals
   5  7  53  2  7      4  1  9  3  6
  Sonjay Dutt        
  Alex Shelley         Rhino        
  Cute Kip         Alex Shelley        
  Consequences Creed         Sheik Abdul Bashir        
  Sheik Abdul Bashir        
  Jimmy Rave        
  Matt Morgan           Consolation match

Alex Shelley Turkey Bowl

Alex Shelley of The Motor City Machineguns loses the annual TNA Turkey Bowl and is forced to put on a Turkey costume on Impact.

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