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Truth and Consequences is a professional wrestling tag team that worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and now works for WWE. The team consists of Ron Killings (now known in WWE as R-Truth) and Consequences Creed (known in WWE as Xavier Woods). The team name is a combination of their TNA nicknames, Ron "Truth" Killings and Austin (or Rasheed Lucius) "Consequences" Creed.


TNA (2007)

The pair defended the tag team championships together, although they did not win it as a team. Killings won the titles with Adam Jones (nicknamed "Pacman") as Team Pacman but due to injury, Creed replaced Jones. They lost the match at BFG, with

WWE (2013)

While Truth had been a part of the main roster for years, Woods was tested in the NXT developmental system for months until November when he was brought to Monday Night Raw, uniting with his old partner who introduced him in a rap song. The pair defeated The Rhinestone Cowboys.

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