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The following is a list of current members of the Traditional Championship Wrestling roster.


Male Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Alan Steele N/A N/A
Americos N/A Current TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion
Angel N/A N/A
Bobo N/A N/A
Brandon Collins Brandon Carlock N/A
Brett Barnes N/A N/A
Bu Ku Dao N/A N/A
Cerebus N/A Current TCW Tag Team Champion
Chris Adonis Chris Mordetzky N/A
Greg Anthony N/A N/A
John Saxon N/A N/A
Kincaid N/A N/A
Lance Hoyt Lance Hoyt N/A
Matt Riviera N/A N/A
Michael Barry Barry Linduff N/A
Prince Al Farat N/A N/A
Purple Haze N/A N/A
Roosevelt N/A Current TCW Tag Team Champion
Scott Phoenix Scotty James Current TCW International Champion
Sigmon N/A N/A
Steve Anthony N/A N/A
Tarver Tyrone Evans N/A
Tim Storm N/A Current TCW Heavyweight Champion
Titan Michael Jarvi N/A
Tommy Dreamer Thomas Laughlin N/A
Vordell Walker N/A N/A

Female wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Claudia del Solis N/A N/A
Lily N/A N/A
Lorelei Lee Amy Janas N/A
Miss Natural N/A N/A
Stacey O'Brien N/A N/A

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