Toby Zane (January 7, 1994) is a professional wrestler from Aalborg Denmark currently working for


Training and Debut (2012)

Toby Zane started Traning in early 2012 under the name Tobias, he had his first match in mid 2012 where he joined Daniel & Mass Mirror to defeat Zach White in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match. In late 2012 Tobias was defeated by Silvio Bazz in his first singles match


In early 2013 Tobias lost to Zohaid Tawhari by Submission after he passed out. Later the year he defeated Den Maskerede Superstjerne. The next week he teamed up with The Geek but lost to Lars Schjøtler and Kimball after Tobias tapped out to Lars' Sharpshooter. Tobias then defeated Lars Schjøtler two weeks later.

In Late 2013 Tobias joined Kimball to defeat Zach White and CPH Hangman.


In early 2014 Tobias turned Heel after he defeated NC. Tobias joined Final Count in his Feud with Kristian Thorn defeating him in a Handicap Match. Tobias then faced Kristian Thorn as Fake Masquerade and was defeated on purpose to make Final Count attack Kristian Thorn from behind with a Bat.

Later the year Tobias was defeated by Zach White. Tobias then changed to Toby Zane and joined The Wulff Family.

Face Turn (2015)

In mid 2015 Toby Zane joined a Royal Money Battle Royal where he eliminated Zach White by accident with a Triangle Dropkick, he was later in the match eliminated by X-Ray. Later the Show he faced The Geek but was betrayed by The Wulff Family, lost the match and turned Face there after. A couple of days later Toby Zane admitted that he is a Brony, he then changed the names of his moves to relate to the series. He later defeated Sonne, Joe and Kristian Thorn in three different matches

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Friendship Is Magic (Shining Wizard) 2015–Present
    • Twisted Fate (Front Facelock Cutter) - Used as a Signature after 2013
    • Zanety Breaker (Swinging Side Slam dropped into an Inverted Stunner) - Used Rarely after 2014
  • Signature Moves
    • Applejacker (Superkick to a Kneeling Opponent 2015 / Running Single Leg Front Dropkick 2016-Present)
    • Cutter to the Top Rope while standing on the Apron
    • Diving Cross Body, sometimes Springboard
    • Dropkick, Sometimes to the Knee
    • Flutter Cutter (Snap Wrist-Clutch Inverted Stunner)
    • Lunasault (Diving or Standing Moonsault)
    • Pinkiecanrana (Hurricanrana)
    • Rarity Bomb (Sit-Out Full Nelson Slam 2015 / Belly-To-Back Inverted Mat Slam 2016-Present) - Used Rarely
    • Shooting Sparkle Press (Running Shooting Star Press, sometimes Corkscrew)
    • Sonic Rainboom (Diving Double Foot Stomp to the Back of the Head of a Bent Over Opponent)
  • Nicknames
    • "Cockroach"
    • "Bruiser Brony"

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