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The following is a listing of events that Tito Santana has participated in.

1985 King of the Ring 1985- Tito Santana defeated Terry Funk

King of the Ring 1985-Tito Santana defeated Jim Brunzell

King of the Ring 1985-Iron Sheik defeated Tito Santana

•Wrestling Classic 1985-Tito Santana defeated Don Muraco

•Wrestling Classic 1985-Tito Santana fought Paul Orndorff to a double count out.

  • King of the Ring 1987-Danny Davis defeated Tito Santana
  • King of the Ring 1989-Tito Santana defeated Bad News Brown
  • King of the Ring 1989-Tito Santana defetaed The Warlord
  • King of the Ring 1989-Tito Santana defeated Akeem
  • King of the Ring 1989-Tito Santana defeated Rick Martel


Date Location Event Match Stipulation Time
January 18

New York City, NY

Monday Night Raw #2 El Matador fought Ric Flair to a No Contest Singles Match


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