Tietam Brown is an Adult Novel made by Mick Foley. It was released in 2003 and published by John Cape. Foley said that Oscar Winning Director Paul Haggins said that he would wish to make a movie of this novel.


The book is about a period of time in the life of Antietam (Andy) Brown V and his father Antietam (Tietam) Brown IV (the names span across five generations, being taken from the Battle of Antietam). After 16 years of being tossed from foster home to foster home, and spending time in Juvenile Detention for killing a teenager who tried to rape him, his father then shows up to take him home.

Andy was molested by his foster father, who was also a member of the KKK, and physically abused by his father. He puts up with cruel treatment from adults and older students at school. Every now and then in his life he cracks, and in a rage causes terrible harm to his tormentors. He draws strength from the love he gets from Terri, a beautiful girl in his grade at school.