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  The Thomas & Mack Center ia an arena, located on the on the campus of the University of  Nevada, Las Vegas in Paradise, Nevada. For rinf events the capacity is 19,522; for basketball, the capacity is 18,776.


Date Event Attendance
February 25, 2001No Way Out 200115,223
June 26, 2005Vengeance 20059,850
February 17, 2008No Way Out 200815,120

Television Programs

Date Event Attendance
September 16, 1999SmackDown8,219
February 4, 2002RAW9,643
October 7, 2002RAW
May 20, 2004SmackDown
May 22, 2006RAW
October 14, 2008ECW6,500
October 17, 2008SmackDown6,500
August 24, 2009RAW8,500
March 30, 2010NXT7,000
April 2, 2010SmackDown7,000
June 27, 2011RAW
July 4, 2011RAW
January 18, 2012NXT5,287
January 20, 2012SmackDown5,287
January 28, 2013RAW
August 28, 2013Main Event5,000
August 30, 2013SmackDown5,000
August 18, 2014RAW

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