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The Wrecking Crew is a heel professional wrestling stable in the West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) promotion.



The Grappler formed the Wrecking Crew with his protege Grappler 3 and Jeremy Blanchard.

In April 2015, a mysterious new Grappler joined the Wrecking Crew, calling himself Grappler 4. Though it was hinted by the announcers (and his signature tattoos) to be "TKO" Cody Smith, this has not been confirmed.

On the May 9th episode of West Coast Wrestling Connection, Blanchard rejoined the Wrecking Crew by allowing himself to be pinned by Grappler 3, thus losing the WCWC Tag team Championships. However, the titles were upheld due to the ending.

Return of The Grappler

In late 2015, The Grappler returned to WCWC and saved Gangrel from an assault by Wrecking Crew members Grappler 3 and Kassius Koonz. Morty Lipschitz, the new leader of the Wrecking Crew, introduced Dr. Goldfaarb, a doctor treating Grappler for an alleged "mental illness". During this time, Lipschitz occasionally provided updates on the "condition" of the Grappler.

In wrestling

  • Grappler 3's Finishing moves
    • Loaded Boot (Kick with a loaded wrestling boot)
  • Jeremy Blanchard's Finishing moves
    • Piledriver

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