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The bigger they are the harder they hit. At least that's true of the 25 men on this list. From towering giants to earthshaking behemoths, these Superstars possess uncommon size and strength backed by the power and ability to win. What makes a giant? For the purpose of this Top 25 it's a Superstar who is either 6 foot 7 and up or more than 300 pounds.Many of them are both. All of them are destroyers.

# Wrestler Height Weight
Taker1The Undertaker6'11"299 lbs
Andre the Giant132André the Giant6'10"565 lbs
Big Show 113The Big Show7'0"507 lbs
Yokozuna104Yokozuna6'6"589 lbs
Gorilla Monsoon 15Gorilla Monsoon6'5"440 lbs
Kane76Kane7'0"323 lbs
Ernie-Ladd7Ernie Ladd6'9"315 lbs
Nash8Diesel6'11"317 lbs
Vader39Vader6'5"458 lbs
Sid Eudy1610Sid6'10"317 lbs
Bam Bam Bigelow311Bam Bam Bigelow6'2"393 lbs
Killer12Killer Kowalski6'7"275 lbs
Tenta013Earthquake6'8"468 lbs
Big John Studd14Big John Studd6'7"384 lbs
UMAGA Raw 15Umaga6'4"350 lbs
Bruiser-Brody16Bruiser Brody6'5"300 lbs
King Kong Bundy17King Kong Bundy6'3"468 lbs
Kamala418Kamala6'3"375 lbs
Khali pic 119The Great Khali7'3"420 lbs
Haystacks Calhoun20Haystacks Calhoun6'2"699 lbs
Mark Henry721Mark Henry6'3"418 lbs
One-Man-Gang22One Man Gang6'7"455 lbs
Big Daddy V pose23Big Daddy V6'7"484 lbs
Mike-Awesome24Mike Awesome6'6"290 lbs
Riksh125Rikishi6'0"400 lbs
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