The Office is a villainous stable of female professional wrestlers in the Women Superstars Uncensored promotion. The group consists of Sassy StephieAmanda Rodriguez, and Mademoiselle Rachelle.


At Breaking Barriers III on November 8, 2014, Sassy Stephie announced that she had a position with WSU management, and she came out with her longtime manager, Mademoiselle Rachelle, and announced Amanda Rodriguez as her new assistant. At the end of the event, the trio, now known as The Office, attacked WSU Champion LuFisto after her successful title defense against Jenny Rose. At the WSU 8th Anniversary Show on February 21, 2015, Amber Rodriguez filled in for Amanda as she and Rachelle accompanied Stephie to her match against Tessa Blanchard, which Blanchard won after LuFisto informed the referee of Amber and Rachelle's interference. Later in the event, The Office attacked LuFisto after her successful title defense against Shanna, who attacked The Office in defense of LuFisto. At Power on May 9, Stephie defeated Jenny Rose after interference from Amanda and Rachelle. The Office later interfered in the main event and assisted Cherry Bomb in winning the WSU Championship from LuFisto. After the match, LuFisto attacked Amanda and Rachelle before she was suspended by Stephie. At Control on July 11, Amanda defeated Kira in her WSU in-ring debut. Later in the event, Stephie defeated Rick Cataldo with interference from Amanda.

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