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Jack Sinn is an American manager and professional wrestler better known as The Magic Man. He currently wrestles for Metro Pro Wrestling, among other central United States promotions.

Early life

Sinn had always been a magician since the age of seven. When professional wrestling was "rumored" to be reaching phenomenal heights, Sinn decided to embark on a start to his career switch into professional wrestling.

Pro Wrestling Career

Sinn returned to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri where he began seeking out trainers. Understanding the wrestling industry was in growing need of "more characters", Sinn pitched his "Magician/manager" idea to the members of a local gym where he received training from John Blackheart and Pete Madden.

Michinoku Pro Wrestling (1997-2000)

Debuting as The Magic Man Sinn was working at an NWA New England Wrestling show ("Boston Bad-Boy" Tony Rumble promotion) when an offer to work for Michinoku Pro Wrestling was in development. When the deal was finalized The Magic Man became a wrestler when a scheduled competitor missed a match. Since '97, The Magic Man worked for Michinoku Pro for a total of four years.

Independent Circuit (Present)

The Magic Man has worked for various NWA-produced events, including work with Dynamo Pro Wrestling and Metro Pro Wrestling.

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