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The King of Cleveland: The Best of Johnny Gargano in AIW

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The King of Cleveland: The Best of Johnny Gargano in AIW is a DVD produced by Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Disc 1

  • Destroy Everything: Intense Title: Tyler Black vs. Johnny Gargano
  • Absolution 3: 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Tyler Black (c) VS. Johnny Gargano
  • Double Edge Sword: "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Johnny Gargano
  • Absolution 5: ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano (C) VS. "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson
  • Nightmare Before X-Mas 4: LADDER MATCH FOR ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano (C) VS. Shiima Xion VS. Facade

Disc 2

  • Hell On Earth 8: Michael Elgin VS. Johnny Gargano
  • 2013 JLIT: Johnny Gargano VS. Adam Cole
  • Hell On Earth 9: Johnny Gargano VS. Kevin Steen
  • Absolution9: Ethan Page VS. Johnny Gargano
  • WrestleRager14: Johnny Gargano VS. Candice LeRae

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