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The Group was a wrestling stable in the independent wrestling promotion Ring of Honor. The Group was formed by Steve Corino at Final Battle 2002 on December 28, 2002, with the intent to take all the titles in ROH away from The Prophecy. The Group grew in include Samoa Joe, the hired assassin of The Prophecy, Simply Luscious, Corino’s girlfriend and one of the founding members of The Prophecy, CW Anderson, who was fire ROH in 2002, and Michael Shane. During the next several months, The Group feuded with The Prophecy, as well as Corino’s nemesis Homicide, before having to disband following a loss to The Prophecy at Night of the Grudges on June 14, 2003. During The Groups short history, they were only able to win one title from The Prophecy, when Samoa Joe defeated Xavier to win the ROH Championship.

Championships and accomplishments


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