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The Gatecrashers were a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer that appeared in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Upon their debut, Hawkins stated that he and Archer had been given a 30-day contract to "make an impact."

World Wrestling Entertainment

Superstars and Smackdown (2010)

May 7 they teamed during a dark match on Smackdown, defeating Chasyn Rance & JT Talent.

May 13 on Superstars they defeated James White & Matthew Busch in 2 minutes 11 seconds. May 21 on Smackdown they defeated Brent Roberts & Jeremy Barnes in 1 minute 17 seconds.

June 4 they competed in a Battle Royale to see who got Undertaker's spot in an upcoming fatal 4-way for the World title. Hawkins was one of final 4, eliminated by Mysterio who won it.

On June 11 they attacked Christian and MVP (which they had also done June 4) leading to a June 18 match against the pair which they won. The following week they debuted their official name, and lost a 3v3 match against Christian & MVP (joined by Kofi Kingston, where the aid of Dolph Ziggler (Kofi's rival) was unable to overcome.

October 7 they split up when Archer (seemingly accidentally) struck a ringside Hawkins during a singles match Archer was having against Chris Masters (which he then lost). As a result of being hit (or perhaps being blamed) Hawkins then assaulted Archer intentionally.

In wrestling

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