The Funeral Parlor was an interview segment featuring host Paul Bearer, which aired on the World Wrestling Federation's syndicated Superstars of Wrestling in 1991 and 1992. The program - patterned much like the legendary "Piper's Pit" - was a replacement of "The Brother Love Show," when Bruce Prichard (who portrayed the Brother Love character) left the WWF.

The set was decorated with coffins and other macabre items, much like the parlor of a funeral home. The interview segment itself was used to help get Bearer and his protege, The Undertaker, over with the audience.

"The Funeral Parlor" was the primary backdrop for several notable storylines during its run:

  • Undertaker blindsiding The Ultimate Warrior and after the attack, locking him inside a coffin onstage. Medics and referees worked several minutes to free Warrior, who became (kayfabe) unconscious after being sealed inside. Resuscitation attempts are successful.
  • Ric Flair interrupting Hulk Hogan's interview (regarding Hogan's match vs. Undertaker at the 1991 Survivor Series) and challenging him to a match. Undertaker attacked Hogan from behind, and Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Roddy Piper came to run the heels off.
  • Undertaker's face turn in early 1992, when guest Jake Roberts demanded that Bearer explain why he Undertaker stopped him from a backstage attack of Savage's valet, Miss Elizabeth, after a nationally televised match. Undertaker's arm was locked inside a small coffin onstage, but he managed to drag it as he ran Roberts off the set.

"The Funeral Parlor" featuring Undertaker's face turn, aired on February 29, 1992, was the segment's last.

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