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The Dome is a venue in Bakersfield, California, which plays hosts to events such as concerts, boxing, kickboxing, professional wrestling, comedy shows, private events, and more. It's located at 2201 V Street, just south of Golden State Avenue. It features three staging events, with two being indoor and one outdoor. It typically seats around 1,500, but can accommodate more or less depending on accommodations made for the type of event being held.


The Dome opened in 1941, known originally as Strelich Stadium, named after local famed professional wrestler "The Terrible Swede" Steve Strelich. In late September 1962, Steve and Loretta Strelich sold the stadium for a reported $100,000 to William J. Griffiths, Jerry Hill, and Jules Strongbow. The building would be renamed Strongbow Stadium.

In its early years, The Dome was a hotbed for professional wrestling and boxing events in the southern-central California area.

As of January 2013, the building is no longer hosting events except for church assemblies on Sundays.


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