The American Wrestling Company (AWC) is a proposed pro wrestling promotion located out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are currently in the process of assembling our team and gaining the financial stability through investors, sponsors and Kickstarter for launch in 2015. Our slogan is "Modern Sport, Modern Entertainment". We are a pro wrestling organization with entertainment elements, not "sports entertainment". Our product will have a legitimate sports feel and look combined with topical, modern story lines, modern day characters and documentary elements. We are not trying to recycle the past but create an original product that changes, updates and represents modern pro wrestling and the modern American fan. We hope to provide current and new fans a fresh take on pro wrestling, aiming to revitalize interest in the medium.


Championship Current Champion Previous Champion Date Won
AWC World Championship TBD None
AWC Women's World Championship TBD None
AWC World Tag Team Championship TBD None

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