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The Amazing Graysons are an American professional wrestling Tag Team, currently wrestling for the Independent Circuit. They are composed of real life brothers Tommy Spencer, and Justin Parker (JP).


  • The Elite Movement with Mike Orlando

Finishing/Signature Moves

As a team-

Knigthfall- Front Facelock to a cutter (Tommy)

Wheelbarrow Facebuster (JP)

Double Twist of fate

Make a Wish- double legsweep, to a double wishbone, followed by a victim kick from both brothers with theatrics

Lazarus Legdrop- Leg drop to the groin (JP) along with standing legdrop to the neck of the opponent from Tommy(Sometimes from the second rope)

Rockers- Double hip toss, followed by a handshake-elbow drop, followed by a double Kick Up

Multiple Drop Kick Variations-

Drop down/Drop Kick

Snapmare/Drop Kick

Stereo Drop Kicks

Bang, Pow, Boom/Poetry in Motion- With the Opponent cornered, Tommy whips JP into the corner for a splash. JP then Gets on all fours, allowing Tommy To catapult off his back into the cornered opponent

Stereo House Show Dives

Poetry in Mayhem- Tommy Catapults to the outside off of JP

Tommy Spencer's Signature Moves

Knightfall- Front facelock turned into a sit-out jawbreaker (proceeded by a spin kick to the gut)


TommyGun- Shining Wizard

KillingJoke- Double Foot Facebuster

Ricochet- belly to back suplex into an elbow drop to the opponent's midsection

Corner Splash- (usually followed by a bulldog


Multiple Dive's to the outside-

house show dive/plancha

suicide dive

Multiple Kicks-

Dropkick-sometimes from the top

Spinning Heel Kick

leg lariat


Monkey Flip

Flying Crossbody

Justin Parker's Signature moves-

Final Cut

Reverse DDT


Monkey Flip

Multiple Suplex variations

- Front Facelock


-Belly to Back

- Northern Lights

Multiple Kick vartiations

Dropkick- Sometimes from the top rope

Leg Lariat


Multiple dives to the outside-

Suicide Dive

House Show Dive

Handstand Springboard to a back elbow

Flying Crossbody

Diving elbow

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