Look out! Team Space Bug is the intergalactic menace of Kaiju Big Battel. This dysfunctional swarm of insect-like aliens is equal parts danger, chaos, and misfortune. Take warning mankind: Uchu Chu leads this unruly pack of pandemonium with loose reins, leaving the potential for astronomical mayhem.

Consists of insectoid Kaiju. Space Bugs hate the Heroes, indeed, but hate Dr. Cube's Posse even more.


  • Uchu Chu - Leader of Team Space Bug, a Kaiju from the planet Xertoid. He loves to get drunk on Royal Jelly. Rumor has it that he may secretly be American Beetle's father, but he denies it. Uchu Chu suffered a humiliating defeat at "More Better Fighto" losing to Call-Me-Kevin, a kaiju that never won a match ever. First appeared at Fitchburg State Fricassee, April 1999.

Current members

  • Yarsminko - Uchu Chu's old college buddy. First appearance ?
  • Mung Wun, the Thai Fly - A female bug, not actually from space, who spits digestive juices at her enemies. Mother of The Swarm. First appearance Broadway Brawl, June 2001
  • Mota Naru - A failed Soviet experiment involving fire ants sent to the planet Mercury. Mota Naru is the trademarked "big guy" of team Space Bug. First appeared at Electric Funeral, October 2000.
  • Dai Hachi Hachi - A rookie bee/human hybrid from outer space. Somehwat of an enigma to Team Space Bug due to his suspicious behavior. First appeared at Zero Hour Big Battel, November 21, 2005.
  • The Swarm - Sons and daughters of Uchu Chu (and possibly American Beetle) who use taser spears called "Sting Sticks" to attack their enemies. First seen on Kaiju DVD, The Shocking Truth.
  • SDS-1 a.k.a. Super Dimensional Slug One - A giant slug designed as a Nazi weapon who time-travelled forward to the present day and fell under Dr. Cube's control. SDS-1 was claimed by Uchu chu sometime after the Tinsel Town Showdown in 2007. First seen at Kaiju Roxy Ruckus, September 25, 2002.

Former Members

  • Baby Sky Deviler - The spawn of the egg dropped by Sky Deviler in the battle of the Scottish highlands. Dr. Cube raised him in his "In-Cube-ator", however, he was taken by the rogues' Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle after his first time in the ring. Rumor has it that Soup is taking time away from the Battel to raise him. Hatched at Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII, October 20, 2006.

Dead Members

  • Sky Deviler - A large one-eyed Kaiju with a small cranial capacity and the ability to devour anything it sees without considering the consequences of doing so. When Sky Deviler died at the end of the Shocking Truth DVD, it gave birth to a mysterious egg which was stolen by The Posse. See entries for Dr. Cube, and Baby Deviler for more information. May have made debut at Bash at Brandeis!, March 2000.