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Team RKNo is the tag team of Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. They competed in 2013 as Team Hell No began to break down and they had to unify to take on the Shield.


Prior to competing as a tag team, Randy Orton had been competing with Hell No as a 3-man team on some occasions against the Shield collectively. May 31 in a dark match they defeated them by pinfall, but it wasn't until June 14 that the trio defeated the Shield by pinfall.

Tag team

They competed June 7 to defeat the Shield's two tag champions, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, in a non-title match.

At WWE Payback 2013, they got another match, this time a title match, but lost.

Previously Orton had been in a team incorporating his 'RKO' monitor into its name (Rated RKO) while Daniel had previously been in Team Hell No.

Daniel told his former partner Kane that this would be called "Team RK No".

In Wrestling

  • Randy's finishing moves
    • RKO

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