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The TNA Xplosion Championship Tournament was introduced on the August 31, 2011 episode of TNA's television program TNA Xplosion. Champion will get shot any TNA Championship at Impact Wrestling.


Devon defeated Anarquia via Pin Fall.
Crimson defeated Robbie E via Pin Fall.
Magnus defeated Orlando Jordan via Pin Fall.
Shannon Moore defeated Jeremy Buck via Pin Fall.
D'Angelo Dinero defeated Suicide via Pin Fall.
D'Angelo Diner defeated Okada via Pin Fall.
Douglas Williams defeated Amazing Red via Pin Fall.
Hernandez defeated Max Buck via Pin Fall.
Magnus defeated Shannon Moore via Pin Fall.
Alex Shelley defeated D'Angelo Dinero via Pin Fall.
Alex Shelley defeated Douglas Williams via Pin Fall.
Magnus defeated Alex Shelley via Pin Fall.
  First round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1  D'Angelo Dinero Pin  
16  Suicide  
     D'Angelo Dinero  
     Alex Shelley Pin  
8  Okada
9  Alex Shelley Pin  
     Alex Shelley Pin  
     Douglas Williams  
5  Hernandez Pin  
12  Max Buck  
     Douglas Williams Pin  
4  Douglas Williams Pin
13  Amazing Red  
     Alex Shelley
     Magnus Pin
6  Magnus Pin  
11  Orlando Jordan  
     Magnus Pin
     Shannon Moore  
3  Shannon Moore Pin
14  Jeremy Buck  
     Magnus Bye
7  Robbie E  
10  Crimson Pin  
     Crimson Draw
2  Anarquia
15  Devon Pin  

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