Monster's Ball match

The key premise of the match -was- that all contenders are sequestered alone in a locked room without light, food or water for twenty-four hours before the match. This stipulation is intended to induce extreme feelings of aggression in the competitors. Once released, the wrestlers fight one another in a no disqualification match, with the usage of weapons encouraged. Victory can be achieved by pinfall or submission, with the match ending as soon as one wrestler is pinned or submits (there is no elimination format). However, the locked away stipulation was simply forgotten about and not mentioned since the 5th one. It is now simply a Street Fight, as the match has to end inside the Ring.

Ultimate X Match

Ultimate X is usually contested by three wrestlers of the X Division. Two cables, connected to metal structures rising from the four corners of the ring, cross 15 feet above the middle of the ring.[1] Similar to a ladder match, an object (usually a championship belt or a large red "X") is suspended from where the cables cross. The winner is the first person to take possession of the hung object. After TNA made the transition to a hexagonal ring in June 2004, the cables were suspended from the four turnbuckles that were not perpendicular to the entrance ramp(s).

Gauntlet for the Gold

Different from the other Gauntlet match in which one competitor faces several others, the Gauntlet for the Gold match is very similar to WWE's Royal Rumble match. It consists of two competitors entering the ring and fighting for a set amount of time (usually 3 minutes, but varies), following which competitors enter the ring at 90-second intervals.

Elimination is in the standard battle royal format in which a competitor must go over the top rope and hit the floor in order to be eliminated. This can occur both by a competitor being thrown by an opponent out of the ring or by a competitor voluntarily eliminating himself. If a wrestler falls to the floor without going over the top rope or is thrown over the top but does not fall to the floor, the competitor may re-enter the ring and continue the match.

The final portion of the match consists of the last two competitors squaring off in a regular singles match in which victory must be attained by pinfall or submission. No official ruling has been declared on interference or disqualification, but due to the booking of such matches and the brevity of the actual final portion of the match, neither potential outcome has ever been an issue.

Hangman's Horror match

The Hangman's Horror match, which was (legitimately) created by Raven, has dog collars hung on the ring ropes. In order to win the match a wrestler has to hang their opponent from one of the collars until they can no longer continue.

Elevation X Match

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's variation of the scaffold match, has two scaffolds placed above the ring intersecting to form an "X", with the only way to lose being to fall from the structure.

Clockwork Orange House of Fun match

The Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, also known as Raven's House of Fun, was created by professional wrestler Raven during his time in TNA Wrestling. It's a singles match for which a chain link wall is erected on one side of the ring with chains wrapped from it to various points on the ring itself with weapons hanging from them.[39] In the first match the only way to win was to put an opponent through two tables,[39] but afterwards it was changed to falls-count-anywhere rules.

Hard Ten Match

The Hard Ten match was created by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. It is contested on a points system, where the points are earned for the use of weapons. The first person to earn ten points — and be up by at least two points — wins. Regular strikes with a weapon are worth one point, while putting an opponent through a table is worth five.[42] Unlike the tables match, a wrestler simply moving out of the way so that an opponent puts themselves through a table does count in this match type.

Sadistic Madness Match

Sadistic Madness is a match created by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in which an opponent must be bleeding before a wrestler can legally pin them.[51] A variation, the Doomsday Chamber of Blood, takes place inside of a barbed wire topped cage.

King of the Mountain match

The five competitors in the match start out as "ineligible" to win. In order to become "eligible", a wrestler must score a pinfall or submission on an opponent. The opponent who submits or is pinned is forced to spend two minutes in the "penalty box" cage. More than one wrestler can be in the cage. This often results in wrestlers fighting inside the cage or forming some sort of alliance.

Once "eligible", the wrestler may win the match by retrieving the belt and hanging it on the hook suspended above the ring with the aid of the ladders. A TNA official maintains possession of the belt and circles the ring, staying out of the action as much as possible. When a wrestler wishes to hang the belt, he must retrieve it from the official. Once the belt is in play, any other wrestler who is eligible may attempt to steal the belt and hang it. Once the belt has been dropped and no wrestler is attempting to hang it, a referee returns the belt to the official.

Six Sides of Steel

Is a steel cage match that takes place in a six sided ring. The object of the Match is to escape the cage by climbing the cage, forcing the opponent to tap-out,escaping through the cage door, or by pinning your opponent.

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