TLC 2015 Ryback v Rusev

With the emersion of The League of Nations and the return of his fiancée, Lana, Rusev has returned from injury not only rejuvenated, but perhaps stronger than ever. The Bulgarian Brute’s momentum could change drastically, however, when he steps into the ring against Ryback at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

Rusev and Ryback have been at odds since The Big Guy interrupted a primetime smooch between Lana and her Super Athlete on a recent edition of “Miz TV.” Fed up with having to watch the power couple’s public display of affection, Ryback declared the time for kissing was over, to be replaced with smash-mouth action. A subsequent match between the monsters ended with a count-out win for Ryback after The Big Guy shoved Rusev into the steel ring steps, inadvertently taking down Lana in the process.

The conniving couple exploited the accident by springing a trap against Ryback during a rematch the following week on Raw. Lana again became entangled in the action and took a tumble — this one feigned. The distraction worked, and moments later, Ryback was locked in The Super Athlete’s unrelenting Accolade submission hold.

Will Rusev clamp The Accolade on The Big Guy again at WWE TLC? Or will Ryback, incensed over Rusev & Lana's actions, devour the competition and leave WWE’s demolition derby with an all-important win?

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