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Sylar Graves is an American professional wrestler. He currently works for Independent Wrestling Entertainment. He decided to change his name from The Man Called Graves to Sylar Graves was when his mask was taken away from him and decided to continue without the mask. Graves got his name when he lost his mask and he wanted to reinvent the character. He was going to change his name to Sylar Gray but his promoter wanted him to keep Graves, so my name Sylar Graves.

The addition of Graves into The Murder Militia in early 2013 looked like a great avenue to take for all men involved. However, it certainly didn't end up that way. For months upon months, Graves was held down and taken advantage of, always being looked over and pushed around by the rest of The Murder Militia. Finally enough was enough. After being stripped of his mask, the fans were revealed to the identity of Sylar Graves.

On October 4, Sylar faced Johnny Miyagi and Damien Black for the IWE Junior Weight Championship. Johnny Miyagi won the match. Sylar told the fans that he was returning back to the shadows and that he would return and he would win. November and December passed with no word, then January 10 came along and Sylar returned back to IWE in Brewer. He surprised everyone by returning with a brand new look..

On June 6 he won the MEW Championship Title and won the Lethal Lottery Battle Royal. He is the #1 contender for the IWE Juniorweight Championship but he wanted the MEW Championship title instead. He had the MEW Title for 3 months then he lost it in Brewer on August 1 against the Hey Man Eric Johnson. He is the former MEW Champion.

In wrestling

  • Teams and stables
  • (The Murder Militia) 2013 to 2014
  • (The Faces Of Graves) 2015 to January 9, 2016
  • Entrance Music
  • Hollywood Undead(Undead) 2013 to 2014
  • Like A Storm(Love The Way You Hate Me) 2015 to present

Championships and accomplishments

MEW Championship (June 6-August 1)

External links

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