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Sylar Graves is an American professional wrestler. He currently works for Independent Wrestling Entertainment. When Graves first started working at IWE his ring name was Danny Micheals but he only used that name once. Then his ring name was changed to Danny Micheals to The Man Called Graves and he was in a group called The Murder Militia. Also in the group Shane Marvel, Johnny Miyagi and Genesis while in the group he has been held down, taken advantage of always being looked over and pushed around by the other members in the Murder Militia.

So finally enough was enough after being stripped of his mask everyone was revealed to the identity of Sylar Graves. He wanted to change his name from The Man Called Graves to Sylar Grey but his promoter wanted him to keep the name Graves so he thought of the name Sylar Graves. And since that moment a fire lit inside of Graves there's no stopping this mans momentum over the past few months. Graves was trained by Brian Fury and other great wrestlers. 

He became the #1 contender for the Independent Wrestling Entertainment Juniorweight Championship but he wanted the Maine Event Wrestling Championship Title instead. He had the Maine Event Wresting Title for 3 months then he lost it in Brewer on August 1 against the Da Hey Man Eric Johnson.  

He is the former Main Event Wrestling Champion. Graves is the former leader of the Faces of Graves (Skully and Humerus), 

Graves has returned one last time on RPI "One Last Ride" For one last time. Now he is training and getting stronger and one day when the fog is lifted he will return to the IWE from The Shadows of The Past.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Teams and stables
  • (The Murder Militia) 2013 to 2014
  • (The Faces Of Graves) 2015 to January 9, 2016
  • Entrance Music
  • Hollywood Undead(Undead) 2013 to 2014
  • Like A Storm(Love The Way You Hate Me) 2015 to 2016 

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

MEW Championship (June 6-August 1)

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