The Swoggles refers to the tag team pairing of two wrestlers whose competing pseudonyms share the "Swoggle" surname.

Mark was referred to as Hornswoggle's cousin "Mark-swoggle" when introduced by Jeremy Piven. Michael Cole dubbed him "The World's Strongest Leprechaun" and later made the mistake of referring to Mark-swoggle as Hornswoggle's brother instead of cousin. Cole then referred to them as the World's Largest and Smallest Leprechauns.

After Mark fought in Horn's place, they also competed the following week as a tag team against Legacy's Cody and Ted, losing when Dibiase Jr. pinned Hornswoggle.

After this loss, Hornswoggle went into singles competition and his estranged cousin/brother Mark Henry began teaming with MVP instead.

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  • on August 3, 2009: "“Mark-swoggle” def. Chavo Guerrero
    After nagging Jeremy Piven earlier in the night, Chavo Guerrero got his wish – to fight Hornswoggle one-on-one. Hey, Chavo, be careful what you wish for. The self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior” waited in the ring only to discover that, in the words of Piven, Hornswoggle wouldn’t be able to fight, but they had arranged for a substitute: “Mark-swoggle.” Unfortunately for Chavo, “Mark-swoggle” looked a lot like The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, in a Hornswoggle cap. Once Chavo had been sufficiently pummeled, “Mark-swoggle” retrieved Hornswoggle from under the ring to administer a Tadpole Splash on the hapless Chavo.
  • Headline Planet: August 3, 2009 copy
  • Wrestling101 results for August 10, 2009:
    In a match requested by Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry & Hornswoggle were set for tag team action against Chavo and a partner of Chavo’s choosing. However, Chavo came out in street clothes and claimed that he was still recovering from the injuries that he sustained at the hands of Mark Henry last week. Chavo then revealed that he found a "replacement team"- Legacy! At the end of the match, it was Ted DiBiase taking advantage of the smaller Hornswoggle and hitting Dream Street on the leprechaun to pick up the win for Legacy.