SS 2015 Ziggler v Breeze

Dolph Ziggler looks to shut down Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae’s VIP section permanently this Sunday when he takes on Prince Pretty at Survivor Series, live on WWE Network.

Since arriving in WWE, Breeze, one of the most successful Superstars in NXT history, has looked to make an impact by targeting Ziggler. The taunts and attacks started on night one, when Summer — fresh off a fizzled relationship with The Showoff — introduced The Sultan of Selfies as her new beau. Breeze ambushed Ziggler and used his selfie stick to attack Ziggler’s previously injured throat. The King of Cuteville has cost Ziggler matches, too, including distracting The Showoff during his match against Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens.

On the Nov. 19 edition of SmackDown, a fed-up Ziggler returned fire, unleashing a devastating superkick on Breeze, just days before they get set to lock up at WWE’s fall classic. Can Ziggler slow the roll of WWE’s brazen upstart? Or will Breeze come away with a victory against the battle-tested Ziggler, in his first Survivor Series appearance no less?

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