SS 2015 Taker & Kane v Wyatt Family

At Survivor Series — the very event where The Undertaker debuted 25 years ago — WWE’s Phenom will reunite with Kane to battle two members of The Wyatt Family, perhaps finally settling the ring’s most unearthly rivalry.

Bray Wyatt claimed to harvest the souls and embody the supernatural powers of The Brothers of Destruction after he and his Family abducted The Undertaker and Kane. The New Face of Fear went so far as to eulogize the two dangerous WWE Legends. But as the WWE Universe saw on Raw’s trip to the United Kingdom, where The Deadman and The Demon reappeared and laid waste to The New Face of Fear’s gargantuan crew, The Brothers of Destruction have not surrendered to Wyatt’s cruel force.

A quarter-century of carnage has led to this moment for The Undertaker, as his status as WWE’s otherworldly emperor is challenged by Wyatt. Helping him defend his claim is the Superstar who has fought with and against him his entire life, his own half-brother, Kane.

Which two members of The Wyatt Family will stand up to The Brothers of Destruction at Survivor Series? Will The Eater of Worlds step in, or will he leave the unenviable task to two of his massive henchmen, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan or the clan’s newest and most imposing element, Braun Strowman?

Don’t miss the historic match marking The Undertaker’s 25th Anniversary in WWE. What type of hellish penance will The Undertaker & Kane seek? To what lengths will The Wyatt Family go to dismantle The Brothers of Destruction forever, at a milestone event for The Deadman, no less?

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