Super Akuma
Type Human Fighting Devil
Height 180 cm
Weight 90 kg
Attacks Danger Kick, Flying Rocket Space-Bomb, Burning-Fire Gravity Attack
First appearance
Created by
Portrayed by:

Stable: The Unholy Alliance
Management: Tommy "Horsecock" Gambino, Deadly Don Ferrari, Tony Scarboni, Slick Fontana


Who's the Danger! Super Akuma is Japanese businessman type human when he sold his soul to devils for wrestling. Violence have been declared on Kaiju monsters and people of the world run in terrible. Super Akuma can injure himself and sometime opponents with a barbed wire in his head and jump from high heights. Chairs and ladders can crash all over. Will Super Akuma be having the Kaiju Belt above his head? He maybe can't be stopped?!?!

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