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Steffen Quaade (October 31, 2001), better known as Steve Jay or Steve J is a professional wrestler from Denmark, currently working for


Masquerade's Minions (2016-Present)

Steve debuted at WDK Fastalavns Bash II in a Battle Royal, he was eliminated by Toby Zane, later on the show he joined Masquerade and became one of his minions who assaulted Toby after the match but was stopped by Kristian Thorn.

AWF (2016-Present)

Steve appears in's training facility as Steve J.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Multiple Powerbomb Variations
    • Pop-Up
    • Release
    • Sit-Out
    • Full Nelson lifted and dropped into a Reverse STO
  • Signature Moves
    • Big Boot
    • Double Axe Handle Drop (Rare)
    • Reverse Snapmare Driver
    • Discus Elbow
  • Entrance Music
    • Motörhead - Born to raise hell (As a part of the Jay Bros., with Micky Jay) (2016 - Present)

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