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Steam-Powered Tentacle Boulder

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Steam-Powered Tentacle Boulder
Steam Powered-Tentacle Boulder
Allies No One(He hates Entourages)
Enemies Sun Buster(Rival), Giii, Dr. Cube, French Toast, Any "Rainbow Munch"
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An Excerpt from Louden's Interview with Steam-Powered Tentacle:

LOUDEN: Alright, alright. Just one final question, and I promise I'll shut up. Much of your past still remains a mystery to the Kaiju fans. Could you elaborate on your humble beginnings?
STEAM POWERED TENTACLE BOULDER: I have had just about enough of that jive talk that you be spittin' out. You say one more word and I will pop you upside that dumb lookin' head o' yours. I guarantee you will be drinkin' yo' teeth.

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