The following is the champion history for the Stampede Women's Pacific Championship.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Nattie Neidhart 1 June 17, 2005 Calgary, AB Defeated Belle Lovitz, Anna Marie, and Ma Myers in a four-way match to become the first champion.
Dusty Adonis 1 October 28, 2005 Calgary, AB Adonis is a male wrestler.
Nattie Neidhart 2 December 16, 2005 Calgary, AB Defeated Dusty Adonis and Belle Lovitz in a three-way match.
Dusty Adonis 2 2006
Belle Lovitz 1 March 10, 2006 Calgary, AB Defeated Dusty Adonis and Madison in a three-way match.
Title become inactive in April 2008 when the promotion ceased operations.