The Stampede Pacific Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling title, the first secondary title to be created following the reopening of Stampede Wrestling in 1999. The title was defended over a two-year period before being abandoned in late 2001. Title defenses were held primarily in Alberta as well in the United States and Japan. There have been a total of four recognized champions who have had a combined five official reigns.

Title history

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days held Location Notes
1 Greg Pawluk 1 May 1999 95 Milwaukee, WI Awarded title by Commissioner Bruce Hart.
2 Jason Neidhart 1 August 4, 1999 37 New York, NY
3 Greg Pawluk 2 September 10, 1999 234 Carstairs, AB
4 Sabu 1 May 2000 - Japan The title becomes vacant in 2001.
5 Michael Modest 1 June 27, 2001 - Drumheller, AB Defeated Bruce Hart to win the vacant title.

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