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This is a list of wrestlers who wrestle or have wrestled in Squared Circle Wrestling.


Male Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
2 Cold Scorpio TBA N/A
Abyss TBA N/A
Antonio Thomas TBA N/A
Bill S. Preston TBA N/A
Brian Fury TBA N/A
Brodie Lee TBA N/A
Brother Runt TBA N/A
Bryan Danielson TBA N/A
Chris Sabin TBA N/A
Colin Olsen TBA N/A
Dizzie TBA N/A
Eddie Edwards TBA N/A
Gordy Wallace TBA N/A
Hellcat TBA N/A
Human Tornado TBA N/A
Isys Ephex TBA N/A
Jason Axe TBA N/A
Jimmy Olsen TBA N/A
John Walters TBA N/A
Johnny Law TBA N/A
Kevin Grace TBA N/A
Loca Vida TBA N/A
Max Bauer TBA N/A
Samoa Joe TBA N/A
Slyck Wagner Brown TBA N/A
Steve Cruz TBA N/A
Steve McKenzie TBA N/A
Theodore Logan TBA N/A
Zaquary Springate III TBA N/A

Female wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Nikki Roxx Nicole Raczynski N/A
Portia Perez Jen Grattan N/A

Stables & Tag Teams

Team name Members Notes


Name Position Notes
Joe Strawberry Head Referee
Johnathan Ashe Referee
Ted Stillwater Referee

Administration and Other Staff

Name Position Notes

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