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  • Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) - SCP Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • "The Polish Tyrant" Andre Machievski - SCP Golden State Champion (1x)
  • Big Daddy Destro - SCP Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • Big Duke - SCP Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • Frosted Tip Warriors (Eddie "Too Hot To Handle" Randle & Ryan Kidd)
  • "Radiant" Jason Redondo - SCP Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • Jimmy Ray Walker (JRDub)
  • Joey "The Bone" Barone
  • "Rock 'n' Roll Rebel Soul" Johnny Yuma - SCP Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • Kid Caramba - SCP Tag Team Champion (2x); 2011 Summer Classic Winner; SCP Heavyweight Champion (1x); SCP Golden State Champion (1x)
  • "Lovin" Nick Lovin - SCP Tag Team Champion (1x); 2012 SoCal Pro Rumble Winner
  • Pulpo Dorado
  • "Mirror Image" Ricky Mandel - SCP Tag Team Champion (1x); SCP Heavyweight Champion (1x); 2012 Summer Classic Winner; SCP Golden State Champion (1x)
  • SoCal Crazy - SCP Heavyweight Champion (3x); 2009 SoCal Pro Rumble Winner; AWS Heavyweight Champion (1x); SCP Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • "Mr. Megastar" Tommy Wilson - SCP Heavyweight Champion (3x); 2010 SoCal Pro Rumble Winner
  • Durwood Murray - Commissioner
  • Dynamic Brothers (Ric & Vic Dynamic) - Commentators
  • Everett Scott - Referee
  • Jeff Dino - Owner
  • Jeff Resnick - Commentator & Interviewer
  • Richard Strickland - Photographer
  • Tony Espinoza - Referee
  • Troy Stone - Ring Announcer

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