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Shadow Trooper
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Shadow Trooper
Type Once good, gone rogue round-head robo
Height 170 meters
Weight 278 metric tons
Attacks Hazard kick, big steel bomb breaker, mechanical lift, global head butt
Allies Atomic Trooper, Club Sandwich, Goldenrod
Enemies Dr. Cube, Mota Naru, Slo Feng, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle
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Is mysterious troubled robo trooper loving quickest speed and danger fun. The teen time he was lovering of spandex muscle car Shadow Trooper collide with hazard dragger driver. Shadow wears globe-helmet uniform now fearful of mirrors and to protect big hair fashion type. Being shadowy rebel type of Robo Trooper group. Can he be saved? Or will Shadow Trooper blackout to dark side.

History of a Hero

Sickened by the blind, ignorant optimism of his suburban environs, Jason "Axle" Damon rebelled as a child (both CCD and the American Boy Scouts kicked him out) and developed into an angry juvenile delinquent who lived only for souped-up cars, hair-sprayed girls, and heavy metal music. School nurses, family physicians, and guidance counselors noticed that Damon had brains and potential, but fretted about the troubled teen's future: would Axle's self-destructive tendencies dig him an early grave?

So when a fiery drag racing accident nearly killed Damon, everyone was saddened but none surprised. Fortunately for Damon, some anonymous Good Samaritan had been hanging out in a rest stop and discovered the teenager's unconscious body on the road's shoulder. A week later, Damon awoke at Robo Dynamics, the cutting edge cyborg production company known for rebuilding unremarkable John Does into shiny, agile cyborgs. An extensive background check had revealed that Damon "had potential," so Robo Dynamics decided to grant the crippled teen a new life as Shadow Trooper.

Shadow's daredevil nature makes him both a natural fighter in the Kaiju Big Battel, as well as an uncontrollable force for his Trooper brothers. Since his dishonorable discharge from the Tokyo Police Department, he has had several entanglements with law. In addition to several misdemeanors involving "quality of life" crimes, Shadow served 1 year in a robo-defrag and reprogramming facility on a 1999 pod jacking conviction.

Outside Kaiju Big Battel, Shadow Trooper spends much of his time burning rubber on the underground street racing circuit with his only companion, an orange Chevelle painted with black racing stripes. Such an independent loner personality has led many live monster-wrestling analysts to question the loyalty and strength of his alliances to the other Robo Troopers, in addition to the rest of the good-natured heroes of Kaiju Big Battel.