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Event history

The following is a collection of events that Kevin Lloyd has participated in.


Date Event Match Match type Title
??/??/2013 GPW Warrington Bash 2013 Sexy Kev defeats T-Bone Singles
September 28 GBP The Ballad Of Oli Thomas Sexy Kev defeats Pitbull Singles
November 11 GBP Intelligent Input Darlin' Sexy Kev defeats Evan Sarven Singles


Date Event Match Match type Title
January 25 ??? Sexy Kev vs. ??? (c) Singles ???
February 15 GBP Hamburger Hinderer Sexy Kev and Evan Sarven defeat The Henchmen Handicap match
March 8 RWA ??? defeats Sexy Kev Singles
April 13 Sexy Kev defeats Wahoo Thunderfoot Singles
May 17 GBP 10000 Horses Can't Be Wrong! Sexy Kev defeats Saxon Huxley Singles
May 25 Britannia Wrestling Sexy Kev defeats ???, ??? and Cyanide Four-way Rumble match placing for BWP July 26 event
June 22 GBP The Neon Offensive Team 'Avin It (Sexy Kev, Zack Sabre Jr., Tyler Bate, Chris Brookes, Axl Dieter Jr. and Sam Bailey) defeat Team Evil with the combined power of Megatron, Skeletor, Lord Z and Team Rocket (Damon Leigh, Damain Dunne, Pete Dunne, Iain Field, Bobby Cash and Morgan Webster) 12-Man Elimination Tag Team match Great Bear Grand Championship
July 3 Grand Pro Wrestling T-Bone, ???, ???, ??? and ??? defeat Sexy Kev, Wahoo Thunderfoot, ???, ??? and ??? 10-man tag team
August 15 Grand Pro Wrestling Sexy Kev defeats ??? Singles

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