The September 19, 2012 episode of Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV aired at 11pm on Comcast 25 in Santa Maria and Lompoc, California. Production delays caused the 30-minute program to have a four-week span in-between episodes as opposed to the normal two. In the meantime, the previous episode continued to air on the show's normal schedule. This was because unlike the previous editions which aired on television, this episode was produced in High Definition. This episode featured two matches that had previously been released on DVD by Highlight Media both from the Shamrock Slam 2012 event, and oddly, both for the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

The first match featured Sunami defending the title against Gangrel The Vampire Warrior. An "anonymous" figure got involved in that match, who to-date has not been identified.

Following the first match, former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight titleholder Shannon Ballard came out and spoke to then-Interim Commissioner Joseph Duncan about a contract which he had signed earlier in the evening. The contract was for a rematch to challenge for his title. Ballard stated that he wanted the match immediately. Sunami, who had just defended against Gangrel, agreed to a second title match. This match saw the first in-ring appearance in two years by Shannon's identical twin brother, Shane Ballard.

The intro music was "Rebel Yell" by Drowning Pool, and the television program produced by Christopher "TAK" Clark.

Hours after the program aired on television, it was made available worldwide on Vendetta Pro Wrestling's YouTube Channel.


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