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Sebastien Maximus, also known as SebMax, is an Australian professional wrestler. He currently performs in several promotions from the east coast of Australia such as Pacific Pro Wrestling (PPW) and United Pro Wrestling (UPW). Born in 1996, Sebastien Maximus is a talented young wrestler and a rising star in the country's wrestling landscape. Over the last few months and years, he faced some of the best challengers of Australian professional federations.

Debut in wrestling

Sebastian Maximus started wrestling in 2009 at the age of 12. He trained at Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) a famous promotion on the east coast of Australia near the city of Brisbane ( southeastern Queensland). After several years of hard training, he turned professional in 2012 and performed his first official matches over the same year. During that training period, SebMax was highly influenced by Australian backyard and professional wrestlers performing in world-famous promotions from the east coast (IYHWA, NCPW, ICW).

In 2012, he wrestled for several federations in Queensland near Brisbane. He joined Pacific Pro Wrestling (PPW) and United Pro Wrestling (UPW) without being part of the rosters. On July 13, 2013 SebMax and his partner Slammin Sam wrestled in a tag team match against Jade Diamond and Whetu two experienced New Zealand challengers. Lacking of coordination, the Australians were easily dominated their opponents. Whetu countered SebMax's Frog Spash from the ropes. SebMax managed to kick out several pinfall attempts but he was powerslammed by Jade Diamond. While the Australians were laid out Whetu managed to perform a Frog Splash on SebMax for the three count. This match was a crushing defeat for the Australian team.

On August 24, 2014 SebMax got involved in a triple threat match where he wrestled against Mystery and Lucas Gold. While he was about to hit his finisher, Lucas Gold countered his move and pinned SebMax with a devastating RKO for the win.