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Seated senton is a type of Senton in Professional wrestling.


Known in lucha libre as a "La Silla", this variant on the senton which sees the wrestler use his/her tailbone and lower body in a seated position to force the opponent to the mat rather than using their whole back. This seated senton is performed by jumping forward off a raised platform or springboarding on to the shoulders of a standing opponent forcing them to the ground. This can also be performed onto an opponent prone on the mat.

A variation of this move known as a Banzai Drop, sees a wrestler who is standing above a fallen opponent, go up onto the second turnbuckle (facing away from the ring) and jump down dropping his/her buttocks on the opponent's body (usually the chest or stomach). This move is basically a butt drop from a raised platform and was originated by Yokozuna,it was high impacted due Yokozuna's weight.


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