The Scottish Wrestling Alliance, existent since 2004, can claim with complete justification of himself to be the largest and most popular promotion in Scotland. Not least because it's official NWA Scottish Heavyweight Title fight it leaves regularly in their shows. Owner's Conscience, playing since the beginning of the promotion as well as active a role. Like most Scottish Promotions uses the SWA returned almost exclusively on Scottish talent, and one is from but also to British workers. The League maintains good contacts with other Scottish promotions, especially British Championship Wrestling, for example, making joint-venture show "The Gathering" was held in 2007 which also includes even the World Wide Wrestling League and Premier British Wrestling participated. Among the biggest stars in addition to Conscience Eric Canyon, Falcon, Jack Jester, Johnny Moss and Majik . The SWA held once a year, the Battle Zone match that works very much like the Royal Rumble match, and the Clan Wars, a show that is with its elimination match at the Survivor Series.

Current champions

As of March 22, 2018.
Championship Champion(s)
NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship Andy Anderson
NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship Kurupt
NWA United Kingdom Junior Heavyweight Championship Cell
SWA Source (T-Division) Champion Dicky Divers
SWA Laird of the Ring Champion 'The Legitimate Athlete' Joe Coffey
SWA Tag Team Champions Scott Renwick and Damian O'Conor

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