Scott Keith is a Canadian author and columnist who gained a degree of fame in the internet wrestling community for his critical reviews of various pro wrestling events.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1974, Keith has no formal attachment to the industry as such. He began posting on RSPW in 1992 and over the next few years started to make a name for himself amongst smart marks.

In 1996 Keith launched his own fan website, and quickly gained a fanbase, due to his humorous writing, and somewhat forcibly controversial remarks.

Having written for various wrestling websites, keith became a published author in 2001, when his book The Buzz On Professional Wrestling was released. Meant as on overview of the business for the newer fan, it was criticised due to the numerous spelling and factual errors.

His second book Tonight In This Very Ring: A Fan's History Of Professional Wrestling was released in 2003 and dealt mainly with the "Fall and Rise" of the WWF during 1996 to 2000. Better received than its predecessor, it nonetheless contained internal contradictions, and also featured heavy cut-and-pasting of Keith's internet articles.

One Ring Circus: The Death Of The World Wrestling Federation" was released in 2004 and focused on the post-Attitude slip of the now-named WWE. Once again featuring heavy cut=and-pasting, the book soon found its way to bargain bins across North America.

Wrestling's Made Men; Breaking The Glass Ceiling came out in 2006, and has thus far failed to crack the market.

In addition to his various postings across many respected websites, and his book output, Keith has also contributed to other wrestling media such as the magazine Fighting Spirit.

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