Satoshi Yoneyama better known by his ring name Mohammed Yone (モハメド・ヨネ), is a Japanese professional wrestler, currently working for Pro Wrestling NOAH, where he is currently one half of the GHC Tag Team Champions with Takeshi Rikio. He is known for his trademark afro hairstyle, which has earned him the nickname "Mr. Afro". Recently, he has cut his hair short and changed his pants color to black and red in order to resemble more like his new formed stable CHANGE partners.

Yone has competed all over the world including in the UK for the 1PW promotion at their Know Your Enemy events in 2006, teaming with Takeshi Morishima whilst they held the GHC tag-team titles.

In wrestling

  • Mohammed 1200
  • Disobey (Noah)

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