Title history

Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Brian Lee 1 1992-05-22 Knoxville, Tennessee Defeated Paul Orndorff in a tournament final.
The Dirty White Boy 1 1992-08-08 Johnson City, Tennessee
Tracy Smothers 1 1993-04-02 Pikeville, Kentucky
Title held up after a match against Tony Anthony on 1993-05-15 in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Tracy Smothers 2 1993-06-11 Knoxville, Tennessee Defeated Tony Anthony in a rematch.
Brian Lee 2 1993-07-17 Johnson City, Tennessee
The Dirty White Boy 2 1994-02-13 Knoxville, Tennessee
Jake Roberts 1 1994-05-02 Harriman, Tennessee
The Dirty White Boy 3 1994-07-05 Warrensville, North Carolina This was a fictitious title change. Roberts had no-showed several events.
Jerry Lawler 1 1995-01-28 Knoxville, Tennessee
Bobby Blaze 1 1995-02-26 Knoxville, Tennessee
Buddy Landel 1 1995-04-08 Johnson City, Tennessee
Title held up after a match against Brad Armstrong on 1995-07-01 in Barbourville, Kentucky.
Brad Armstrong 1 1995-08-12 Johnson City, Tennessee Defeated Buddy Landel in a rematch.
Terry Gordy 1 1995-10-20 Knoxville, Tennessee With Headbanger Thrasher, defeated Brad Armstrong and The Wolfman in a tag team match in which Armstrong's title was on the line.
Brad Armstrong 2 1995-11-23 Knoxville, Tennessee
Tommy Rich 1 1995-11-25 Johnson City, Tennessee
SMW held its final event on 1995-11-26 in Cookeville, Tennessee.
Brad Armstrong 3 1995-11-27 Memphis, Tennessee Armstrong did not defeat Rich for the title, but defended it the night after SMW closed at a United States Wrestling Association event.
Jerry Lawler 2 1995-12-26 Louisville, Kentucky This title change was repeated on 1995-12-27 in Memphis, Tennessee.
Lawler's victory over Armstrong was recognized on television on 1995-12-30. Following this mention, the title was abandoned, as it was never mentioned again.