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Ruthann DeBona (born March 7, 1976), also known by her ring name of Rue DeBona, is a former host and backstage interviewer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).


Debona was a member of a pop group named Boy Krazy, which had a hit single with "That's What Love Can Do" in 1993.

Debona has had guest appearances in shows Law & Order, The Sopranos, Spin City and others, including a role on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1993.

She also has a role in the movie They're Just My Friends.

Professional wrestling career

World Wrestling Entertainment (2003–2004)

In 2003, WWE signed DeBona to be the host of their show Afterburn. On an episode of SmackDown she interviewed Sable and Torrie Wilson on their Playboy covers. In late June 2004, DeBona asked for her release from the company which she was subsequently granted.

Personal life

DeBona was married to SmackDown and Raw Commentator Josh Mathews from November 2006 until their divorce in 2008.

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