RR 15 New Age Outlaws v The Ascension

This Sunday at Royal Rumble, The Ascension won’t be insulting legends — they’ll be facing them.

The brash rookies have thrashed the competition and riled up the old guard since arriving in WWE, and at Royal Rumble, Viktor & Konnor will battle one of the most dominant teams of a bygone era when they take on The New Age Outlaws.

From the moment they triumphed over The Miz & Damien Mizdow in their Raw debut weeks back, The Ascension have not only been on a warpath, but they’ve also ruffled feathers by taking potshots at their predecessors, claiming to be better than pioneering pairings like Demolition, Legion of Doom and Powers of Pain.

On Raw Reunion, however, The Ascension’s trash talk seemingly caught up with them as they ran afoul of three of the Monday Night War’s most successful teams, The New World Order, The APA and The New Age Outlaws. Moments after the six legends ran Viktor & Konnor out of the ring, the WWE Universe learned Billy Gunn & Road Dogg will have the next opportunity to shut up the imposing newcomers when the two teams meet this Sunday.

For Viktor & Konnor — who counted Attitude Era team Too Cool among their victims during an incredible 11-month reign as NXT Tag Team Champions — their WWE pay-per-view debut will be nothing short of the most important battle of their careers so far. Will they back up their boasts and introduce the six-time tag team champions to their waste land? Or will the experience and knowhow of The New Age Outlaws win out against The Ascension's viciousness and raw strength?

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