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Road Wild was a pay-per-view from World Championship Wrestling that was held from 1996 to 1999. It was held in Sturgis, South Dakota during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and reputedly was largely held so that Eric Bischoff could go, as he is an avid motorbike fan. Admission was free so the only revenue was from PPV. Several of the wrestlers themselves would ride their motorcycles to this event from the previous show to be part of the rally. The first show was called Hog Wild but WCW changed the name to Road Wild because of a potential trademark issue with a Harley-Davidson owners group. The event was always sold as an "adult" themed event. Many officials worried that some of the audience was more risque and extreme, and there was a slight chance for nudity or vulgar language. In 1998, country music star Travis Tritt performed following the main event. In 2000, it was replaced by New Blood Rising.

Road Wild dates and venues

Event Date City Venue
Hog Wild 1996 August 10, 1996 Sturgis, South Dakota Sturgis Rally And Race
Road Wild 1997 August 9, 1997 Sturgis, South Dakota Sturgis Rally And Race
Road Wild 1998 August 9, 1998 Sturgis, South Dakota Sturgis Rally And Race
Road Wild 1999 August 14, 1999 Sturgis, South Dakota Sturgis Rally And Race


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